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Hello, my name is Patrice Canty and I am the CEO, the Curator, and the Visionary behind the brand. Purposeful Apparel and Accessories was birthed at a time when I was searching for something greater than myself; I found myself in the midst of a health scare and was trying to figure out why God had spared my vision (literally), dealing with a sickness that had the potential to take my eyesight ultimately gave me a better spiritual vision. In that moment the word “purpose” kept coming to me and eventually the whole thing unfolded....God’s PURPOSE over your life exceeds your own Preferences; so in all things that you do make sure that you put God’s desires for your life before your own. I decided to channel my passion through clothing and accessories, I pray that each piece that you choose to wear provides you with just as much passion and spiritual uplift that it did me while in the construction process. Happy shopping.