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  • What are waist beads used for?
Waist beads are used for many purposes: weight monitoring, sensuality, self reflection, self care tool and aesthetic appeal amongst other reasons. Whatever your journey is, is one specialized for you.
  • Who can wear waist beads?
Anyone can wear them; size, shape, or ethnicity does not matter
  •  Types of waist beads offered?
You can get the self tie strands or ones that come with a clasp. It just depends on if you want to be able to take them on and off.
  • How long does it take to make a strand?
Strands are made to order because they are made with intentionality, so the average time is 5 to 7 days then the additional time for shipping.
  • Returns/Exchanges?
~For the waist beads a 6 month warranty is provided with the ability to get your strand replaced not to exceed 3 times within this period. A warranty card will be provided.

• Making purchases

When selecting your items, you have to add one item to the cart at a time individually.....i.e. select "wisdom" waistbead add it to the cart, then add inches, so on and so forth.